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5 Natural Home Remedies For Headaches

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Aside from the more obvious treatments for headaches which include (of course) chiropractic, massage, acupuncture, physiotherapy and so on, there are actually a few things that you can do at home if you are so inclined. And sometimes when you’re in the throw of a bad headache, anything you can do to avoid medication is sometimes the best option for you. Here are some of our (non-clinic-oriented) methods:

1. Lavender oil. Essential oils are excellent for a variety of concerns, and lavender oil is a good one to use for those tension-type headaches. Either rubbed onto your temples or inhaled via a few drops placed into boiling water, the soothing essence of lavender is almost magical. Check out our YG bath salts that contain lavender – a warm bath is a great way to enjoy the natural benefits of lavender oil.

2. Compress. I usually tell my patients that using heat is best for moving blockage, and so naturally a warm compress on your forehead would be ideal if that’s where you’re feeling the pain. But if cold feels better there (and it often can if the headache accompanies some heat), then go ahead and use a cold compress. The idea is to stem the pain, not create a cure. And physiologically speaking, cold might help reduce some inflammation that may help reduce the pain.

3. Constrict the Blood Flow. Some people, believe it or not, find relief by tying a scarf or bandana tightly around their forehead to constrict blood flow to their scalp. While the efficacy of this is debatable scientifically-speaking, there may be some logic in the process if you consider the pressure points that may be activated during this technique.

4. Ginger. Taking some fresh ginger and cutting some into some boiled water can be great for reducing the pain of a headache. In Chinese medicine, ginger is hot in nature and so might not help the kind of headache that accompanies heat signs (see ‘Compress’ above), but can be good for many other types of headache pain. And adding a little honey can make it a nice treat for what is likely not a fun time to begin with.

5. Almonds. Almonds contain some pain-relieving properties, and have been known to help cure headaches. Note that almond milk, while made of almonds, will not likely offer the same benefits, probably because of the process the almonds have been through to become milk. Just avoid California almonds because of the environmental impact on salmon living there.

By Richard Lobbenberg, Registered Acupuncturist and TCM Practitioner

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This Week at Yellow Gazebo – December 3rd, 2014

It’s December!!! This month our theme is headaches. It is bound to be a very informative topic we’re excited to be talking about some of the many issues and concerns that fall under this category; however, before that let us recap what we covered last week.

Here’s a summary of the great posts we shared this last week:

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10 Foods A Naturopathic Doctor Always Buys BY DR. KATIE CORAZZO http://goo.gl/HqJnQS

10 Foods A Naturopathic Doctor Always Buys
BY DR. KATIE CORAZZO http://goo.gl/HqJnQS

Product of the week
Anti-Flamme is a clean to use creme that exhibits an inflammatory, analgesic and tissue healing effect ideal for treating soft tissue and joint injuries such as those resulting from sports, contusions, strains, sprains, lumbago, sciatica, arthritic complaints, before and after spinal manipulation and overuse syndromes.



Recipe of the week
The fiber packed vegan carrot molasses muffins make a satisfying make-ahead breakfast and are an excelled health promoting addition to a brunch spread. Try this recipe by our very own Holistic Nutritionist, Jesse Lane Schelew:http://goo.gl/IjmkpF


Carrot Molasses Muffins by @JesseLWellness


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