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Your Posture at Your Desk

Your Posture at Your Desk By Dr. Belinda Chan, D.C. Sitting at a desk can lead to chronic back, neck and forearm pain. There are several things that you can do that can help. Below is a postcard you can print and keep by your desk. It will act as a reminder to keep checking…
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Reaching Your Goals in 2018

Reaching Your Goals in 2018 Thinking about giving up on those resolutions yet? Haven't made any but do have goals you're working on? Or maybe you're gung-ho on your resolutions but wouldn't mind a little advice to keep you going. Well, wherever you’re at, read on because this information just might give you a little…
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Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is probably the most common type of pain we suffer from, if only closely ahead of neck pain. Why is it so common? Most likely because of our lifestyles: we tend, as a society, to sit in front of a computer for a large portion of the day, and even when we…
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Featuring: Our Newest Physiotherapist!

Featuring: Our Newest Physiotherapist! We’re happy to announce the arrival of physiotherapy resident Alice Li to the team. Alice comes from Queens University and before that the University of Waterloo. Alice has experience working with individuals with athletic injuries, degenerative conditions, work-related injuries, motor vehicle accident injuries, and also postoperative conditions. How does a physiotherapist…
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