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January Natural Health News

  This month's theme: Fitness! Podcast: Acupuncture and Weight Loss Fitness and weight loss often go hand-in-hand with reducing pain in joints and muscles. This great podcast by Richard explains how acupuncture approaches weight loss, and how it's natural approach might be right for you. Listen up. 3 Easy Exercises for Knee Pain  Despite the…
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December Natural Health Newsletter

    This month's theme: Headaches Aromatherapy Massage! Now at Yellow Gazebo, you can add aromatherapy lotion to your massage therapy for only an extra $5, or purchase the lotion in 4oz or 8oz bottles for $13.50 and $22.50 respectively. The organic essential oil blends we use in our massage lotions will help you reach…
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This week at Yellow Gazebo – January 5th 2015

It's January, so Happy New Year!! This month our theme is fitness. But before we get into that we have made a New Year's resolution that we would like to share with you. Let us know what you think.   Now let's recap what we covered last week. Here’s a summary of the great posts we shared…
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