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This month’s theme: Pregnancy

Podcast: Osteopathy During Pregnancy

From fertility to pregnancy to post-labour, and even treating your infant soon after birth, osteopathy is a wonderful medicine gaining popularity with new and developing families. This podcast interview with osteopath Nazanin Eshghi Moghaddam explores further.Listen up.
Video: Acupuncture for Labour Induction Completely safe for pregnant women and helpful for many issues one experiences in each of the three trimesters, acupuncture may also help with inducing labour when needed. Watch this video with acupuncturist Richard Lobbenberg for more insight.

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Video: Massage for Pregnancy and for Infants

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Watch this informative interview with RMT Amy Tracey Sarfati as she explains the benefits of receiving massage while pregnant and after giving birth. Amy also talks about infant massage and how her work at YG can help the very young.

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Video: Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy
Physiotherapist Amy Gildner discusses an area of specialty unknown to many. Excellent for, but not limited to women after giving birth, pelvic floor physiotherapy is good for women with a variety of concerns.
The YG Pregnancy Programs

Whether you’re looking for Fertility help, Pregnancy support, or Doula care for the final stages – YG can help. Heck, if you’ve watched the videos and listened to the podcasts this month, you know we can even provide care for your infant! Check out these great programs and more.

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Pregnancy: Massage Therapy and Acupuncture


Whether or not you should have massage or acupuncture when you’re pregnant has been debated in some circles, causing confusion with some pregnant women. When you’re pregnant, you of course only want the best for your growing baby! As a result you’ll do, or not do, whatever it takes. Since acupuncture and massage therapy can both provide great relief from some of the discomforts that come along with carrying a child (including aches and pains, as well as nausea, headaches, sleep issues, and more), it would be a shame to have to suffer through those nine months without some support from these natural health care modalities. Luckily, there is good evidence to support the fact that both massage therapy and acupuncture are safe while you’re pregnant – just make sure that whomever is treating you has the proper training.

Some people who massage are concerned with treating, or in fact ‘over-treating’ pregnant women, and so you may find that some will either refuse to treat you at all, or will only treat you under certain conditions. For example, some are under the belief that low-back massage during pregnancy is dangerous because it can potentially dislodge your placenta. This is, of course, scientifically untrue as your placenta attaches to your uterine wall, and not anywhere on your back muscles or spine. A registered massage therapist is a properly trained and regulated health care provider who knows not only how to treat you when you’re pregnant, but is also very well trained in helping relieve some of those sore spots that have been bugging you of late. You will even find some who have taken extra courses to hone their skills.

During pregnancy, acupuncture is in fact contraindicated for points on your sacrum, your abdomen, and also a few other points on your body, including a couple on your ankles, hands, and shoulders. These points encourage contractions, and so should not be used until you are ready to go into labour (or need some help moving things along when the time comes!). Acupuncture points on your low back can be used during pregnancy, but the needles should be inserted only very shallowly. Bottom line: make sure that when you have acupuncture that it’s performed by someone properly trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These days, several professions are permitted to do acupuncture, but it is really only the TCM practitioners who have the full training in all the details of more sensitive issues, such as pregnancy.

So there really is no good reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy either acupuncture or massage therapy while you’re pregnant. Just do your due diligence and make sure that your masseuse is a registered massage therapist, and that your acupuncture is being performed by a TCM practitioner. And then have a happy and healthy pregnancy!

By Richard Lobbenberg, Acupuncturist and TCM Practitioner

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