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October Newsletter

This month’s theme: Sleep!
Happy Anniversary – Time to Use Up Your Benefits!
October is a wonderful time of year at YG, because it marks our anniversary (yes, we’re FOUR years old now!) and it is also a great time to remind you to start using up your extended health benefits before it’s too late. Think you might qualify fordirect billing? Check to see if your insurance company is on the list. And let us know if you need help calling your insurance company for more info on your coverage. Let’s have a great fall season together!
Video: Osteopathy and Sleep Issues

Manual osteopathNazanin Eshghi Moghaddamdiscussesosteopathy in terms of the difference between treating sleep concerns with infants and with adults. Watch to learn more about the practice of osteopathy, and how it might help you sleep better.Check it out.
Podcast: Acupuncture for Insomnia
AcupuncturistRichard Lobbenberguses this podcast to shed light on howacupuncture can help with insomnia. Listen and learn how this ancient modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine can affect your energy flow and help you get the rest you need.Listen here.
There’s still time! The Toronto Waterfront Marathon is October 16th, and there’s still time to register and run to supportHumewood House. Don’t have the time or energy? Donate to this great cause on your own by visiting their website today.
Video: Massage Therapy to Help With Sleep Concerns

Massage Therapist Amy Tracey Sarfati describes how massage can be beneficial for those with sleep concerns. Beyond relaxing your body, learn how massage therapy can affect you on a deeper, subconscious level.

Watch here.

Video: Introducing Daniel Choudhury, Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist Daniel Choudhury sits down with Richard and talks about his physiotherapypractice. He explains how what he does differs from other physiotherapy clinics, and how what he does might help you.

Learn more.

Video: What is Massage Therapy at Yellow Gazebo?

As with many natural medicines, massage therapy is regulated by the government yet can have a wide range of meanings. At Yellow Gazebo, massage therapy is always performed by a registered massage therapist, but can be vastly different depending on who you see. This video with clinic owner Richard Lobbenberg helps give you an idea of the types of massage therapy you can enjoy at YG.

Learn more.

The YG Sleep Program

Sleep trouble? You’re not alone! 30% of Canadians struggle with insomnia at some point, and we have a program with a proven track record for success. Judith Mendoza (occupational therapist) and Olja Keserovic (naturopathic doctor) have designed a special sleep program using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) and naturopathic strategies for re-balancing your stress levels. You can break the downward spiral of insomnia, and we can help!

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January Natural Health News


This month’s theme: Fitness!

Podcast: Acupuncture and Weight Loss

Fitness and weight loss often go hand-in-hand with reducing pain in joints and muscles. This great podcast by Richard explains how acupuncture approaches weight loss, and how it’s natural approach might be right for you.

Listen up.

3 Easy Exercises for Knee Pain 

Despite the amazing results we see treating knee pain with natural therapies such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage therapy, osteopathy and physiotherapy, sometimes the best medicine involves doing the right (often therapist-prescribed) exercise. Check out this great article on a few key exercises that your therapist might recommend to you.

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Vega One Nutritional Shakes


We Have a Winner!

The results are in…

Thank you to everyone for your participation and interest in our 2015 Holiday Raffle. Because of your support, we helped raise hundreds of dollars for Out of the Cold, a local community organization that helps the homeless stay fed, warm and clothed during these cold winter months. Runner-up prize winners include Diane and Mala, who each won $400 worth of free treatments at the clinic, while Ruth won the grand prize valued at over $900 – a gift basket overflowing with prizes donated from businesses in the area. Thanks again, and stay tuned for the next great fundraising event at YG!

Learn more about the prizes.

Video: How to Help Your Elbows With Exercise
Elbow pain can be stubborn because you need to use this joint with almost every arm movement, and you use your arm almost constantly throughout the day. If you’re suffering from this type of pain, watch this video and learn how the right therapy, with the right exercise, can relieve your elbow issues.

The YG Weight Loss Program

Now only $799!

6 sessions of assessment over a 6 week period that includes professional recommendations, advice and support along with a homeopathic dietary supplement called “Chirothin.” This nutritional support formula is made of natural, homeopathic ingredients that:

  • aid in fatty acid transport and metabolism
  • help with blood sugar stabilization
  • assist in increasing metabolism and detoxification

This weight loss program helps make your body more efficient, allowing you to eat a low calorie diet that enables you to lose weight quickly, effectively, and safely.

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December Natural Health Newsletter



This month’s theme: Headaches

Aromatherapy Massage!

Now at Yellow Gazebo, you can add aromatherapy lotion to your massage therapy for only an extra $5, or purchase the lotion in 4oz or 8oz bottles for $13.50 and $22.50 respectively. The organic essential oil blends we use in our massage lotions will help you reach new levels in your massage therapy session!Read more.

Massage Therapy and Tension HeadachesWant a safe, relaxing way to fall asleep and treat those headaches at the same time? Massage just might be the answer for you. In this informative article, registered massage therapist Diana Bellissimo talks about the potential causes of tension headaches, and how massage can help calm them.  

Holiday Raffle Update!

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, YG is hosting a raffle to help raise money for Out of The Cold, a local organization that helps the homeless stay warm, fed and clothed during the cold winter months. Update: so far we’ve raised hundreds of dollars! And prizes keep being added by other local businesses, i.e. from the great shops and restaurants in the St. Clair West area. So come in today and buy a raffle ticket, or give us a call and we’ll help you buy one over the phone. And good luck to you! Prize draw is December 18th!

Click to learn more.

Video: Physiotherapy for Headaches
It’s not your mom’s physio…That’s right, the physiotherapy you might be used to might include some fancy machines that work on you while you just lay there, but at Yellow Gazebo physiotherapist Amy Gildner isn’t going to just sit and watch! Check out this informative video on how her effective brand of physio can help rid you of pain – in this case pain of the headache variety. And then book an appointment!

Watch carefully.

Video: The Side Effects of Acupuncture
Overthinking the reasons to not come in and try acupuncture for your health concerns? You just might be! Watch this candid yet informative video on the potential side effects of an ancient (and incidentally very safe) medicine.
Need Orthotics?
Custom orthotics are inserts for your shoes, designed to help re-align your body to its most physically efficient state. They can help reduce pain in your feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, and even in your neck. To find out if orthotics are right for you, book an assessment with either our chiropractor or our osteopath.
The YG Pain Care Program
Pain is manageable when you have the right people working with you, giving you relief as well as the tools you need to live your life. At Yellow Gazebo our comprehensive Pain Care Program will help you feel better by reducing your pain and by opening up opportunities to truly live again.

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7 Surprising Facts About Fertility

fertility st clair west forest hill torontoYou might think you know all there is to know about getting pregnant, either because you’ve ‘been there, done that’ with babies, or because you’ve tried everything under the sun to get pregnant. Or maybe you simply are just way too smart for the average fertility guru to handle. Whatever way your egg bounces, reading this article might surprise you once or twice: being fertile isn’t always what it’s ‘cracked up to be’ (pun intended).

1. Dr. Oz might not make the cut.  That’s right – just because you exercise regularly, eat right and know everything under the sun about how to keep healthy, it doesn’t mean you’re fertile and ready to make babies.  In fact, one in ten healthy couples will have issues with fertility for one reason or another, making the woman responsible one third of the time, the man another third, and the final third left to an unknown reason. What can you do?  Well, just throwing in the towel won’t help – keep doing what you can to be healthy as it might increase your odds, but also seek out natural methods of improving your chances like trying naturopathic medicine.

2. Set a date before you ovulate. That’s right, you’re not necessarily more fertile the very day you ovulate, so plan to start trying around five or six days before the actual day. This is because the man’s sperm is viable inside you for several days (or even weeks!), and so you can really build up a good store of sperm by starting early. Then when ovulation does happen, you’ll have more little swimmers to take a shot at the one egg up for grabs.

3. Men, bike away!  Worried your man’s bicycle is going to keep the two of you childless? Well, studies show that such concerns really have no merit. Unless he’s cycling for hours and hours a day and his racing shorts are super-duper tight, and he has a very narrow seat that presses right on his gonads – and even then – you’re likely to be completely in the clear.  Besides, a little exercise is good for fertility!

4. What’s that smell? Smell something funny that no one else can? Could mean you’re ovulating! Maybe biology has made it this way to help you smell out the right mate (and steer clear of the wrong ones!), but for whatever reason studies show that ovulating women have a heightened sense of smell. So if you’re trying to get pregnant, look for the super-smell signs!

5. Men have a clock too. Men are not unlimited for time when it comes to being fertile either. While they may have a little more time than women, after about 45 years old a man’s quality of sperm starts to decrease, which of course affects fertility. So although you can still get pregnant with a man of that age or older, your odds go down the more his age goes up.

6. Shed the weight. If you’re looking to drop that last ten pounds you don’t need to worry, but if you’re looking at a great deal more than that you should probably consider trying to lose some. And we’re not talking about model-type weight here, just enough to get you into healthy parameters – most experts recommend a BMI (Body Mass Index) of between 18.5 and 25.

7. Drop the heat. A man’s sperm is more viable at temperatures lower than normal body temp’s, so make sure your guy is keeping his nether regions in the right range for fertility. Most people know that super-tight underwear is less than ideal, but many are not aware of the potential rise in temperature from things like laptops on the lap, or even saunas and hot tubs. So tell him to keep his boys cool, at least until you’ve conceived.

By Richard Lobbenberg, Registered Acupuncturist and TCM Practitioner

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