Massage Therapist Lauren Erickson

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Massage Therapist Lauren Erickson

Lauren is an honors graduate from CCMH (Canadian College Of Massage and Hydrotherapy) with specializations in hospital placements. She is certified in pregnancy massage and gained her wide knowledge and experience through the Trimesters Pregnancy course and placement work in Sunnybrook Hospital, treating high-risk pregnant patients, patients in active labour and patients recovering in post-partum. Lauren acquired her love to help with rehabilitation patients while she was working with Toronto’s University Health Network at Toronto Rehab.

Through her placements, she gained deeper understanding and hands-on experience with treatment and management of many different pathologies and neuropathologies. Lauren is trained in general Swedish massage, relaxation massage, myofascial release, neuromuscular techniques, deep tissue massage, and passive relaxed stretching to help facilitate you in gaining the most out of your treatment with her. Lauren is excited to help and educate each and every patient who walks in. She is eager to share her positive and encouraging attitude in each treatment to help you reach your personal wellness goals.

What happens during your massage?

Your massage will begin with a brief consultation that includes a discussion of your symptoms, medical history and lifestyle.  Before he/she leaves the room, the massage therapist will direct you to undress (the majority of people keep their underwear on), and lie face-down under a sheet on a massage table.  After an appropriate amount of time has passed, your massage therapist will knock on the door to see if you are ready.  If you respond affirmatively, he/she will enter the room again and help in any way to make you more comfortable (adjust pillows, give you more sheets, etc.). Using a special massage lotion, your massage therapist will usually then begin to massage your back, and work down to your legs (if you are receiving a full body massage as opposed to focusing on a specific area).  You may then be asked to turn over onto your back, at which time your massage therapist will massage your legs, arms, and possibly your  abdomen.  You will only be asked to uncover the area on which the massage therapist is working, and at no time will you be expected to receive massage to a degree that is painful or uncomfortable.  After your massage is completed, your massage therapist will leave the room so that you can dress.  It is advisable that you take your time getting up, as rising too quickly may cause some dizziness.

Note that registered massage therapy is contraindicated in the following circumstances:

  • immediately after surgery
  • immediately after chemotherapy or radiation treatment
  • if you suffer from heart disease or are prone to blood clots, unless otherwise indicated by your doctor
  • if you suffer from an infectious skin disease, or have an open wound
  • if you have a fever
  • over heavy bruising, tumor, inflamed skin, or any area that might have fractured bone below the tissue surface

Deep tissue massage is not recommended for everyone, so be sure to discuss any and all of your preexisting medial conditions with your massage therapist to ensure that there are no complications during your treatment.

After a registered massage therapy treatment at Yellow Gazebo Natural Health Care, you should feel very relaxed and calm.  Be sure to drink plenty of fluids to help flush your body after treatment, and follow the lifestyle advice given to you by your massage therapist.

If you would like some more information, contact us for a FREE consultation on how registered massage therapy can help you.