Thai Massage Andrew (Jookyung) Song

thai massage therapy torontoAndrew (Jookyung) Song graduated from CCMH, the pioneer massage school in the year 2011. He's also a member of the renowned Can-fit Pro and has finished his personal training certification. He is certified to give acupressure, and specializes in treating deep tension headache/migraines and shoulder tension through scar tissue treatment. He is currently working as an RMT at a clinic in North York and has had the privilege of learning some traditional Thai massage techniques which can enhance the quality of the treatment regardless of the condition.

Andrew immigrated to Canada from Pusan, South Korea, and has lived in Toronto for 14 years. His ambition to become an acclaimed RMT has been his perpetual goal and thrives on practicing. His real passion for massage derives not only from the treatment he gives, but the reaction he gets from patients that have received his treatment. His theory on becoming healthy and strong is receiving health care regularly and above all doing home care exercises and remedial exercises given to you by your health care provider.