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chiropractor belinda st clair west torontoBelinda Chan, D.C.

My passion for health and wellness as a chiropractor is seen not only in my academic and professional life, but my personal one as well. I am an avid cyclist and have toured across most of Eastern Canada. Most recently, I cycled through the United Kingdom with my partner.

My ideal patient is committed to long term wellness and should be willing to actively participate in their recovery. I want to help you move, or get moving, and I strive to make living healthy feel good, and feel achievable. My enthusiasm for health and fitness is described as contagious and I have a strong passion for not only providing care, but also for wellness education- I truly believe movement is the key to health.

My treatments include a combination of chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, soft tissue therapy and mobilizations. If indicated, I will also suggest lifestyle modifications and prescribe rehabilitative exercises.

I am excited to be part of the Yellow Gazebo team and I look forward to working with other like-minded practitioners in helping you achieve a healthy mind and body.

Dr. Belinda Chan, Chiropractor

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Some frequently seen reasons to seek a chiropractor include:

In Canada, chiropractors treat approximately 4.5 million Canadians annually with drug free, non-invasive, hands-on care. At Yellow Gazebo, our approach is a holistic one, aimed at improving the condition that brings you to us as well as helping you to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

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