Male Fertility Issues – Idiopathic (Unknown Cause)

male fertilityWhat is an idiopathic male fertility issue?

After you have been tested for the various possible causes of your male fertility issues, and you have ruled out any medication that may be interfering, your doctor may diagnose you with idiopathic (unknown cause) infertility.  While a direct link may be unknown, there is still hope outside of conventional medicine!  Natural therapies, such as nutritional counselling and acupuncture and TCM can work for you, and yoga and massage therapy both can reduce your stress, which sometimes interferes with conception.

How does natural medicine improve male fertility?

It is believed that acupuncture can help improve sperm count, as can yoga.  Proper nutrition, and even psychotherapy can be the right avenues for professional advice, as you may not be aware of some simple changes that you can make to improve your chances of conception.

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