Originally from the US, Jane's early impulses about 'what do to when she grows up' were toward music and later business. She had a natural musical ability as a child, growing up in a fairly musical family, and figured she would make a go of it after grade 12 entering into music school. She studied jazz saxophone and received a Bachelors of Music Performance in Jazz Saxophone from the New England Conservatory of Music. While it was interesting enough, she realized pretty quickly that you had to have a passion for self promotion and constant outgoing personality to make a living playing jazz, but knew she also had a talent for numbers and equations, so she found work and began to be interested in small business financial management in the bicycle industry. While it was loads of fun and mountain biking was becoming super popular, she longed for more education to validate what she had learned through experience, so took some time to get an accounting degree and an MBA. What she really wanted to do however was learn more about acupuncture, since she'd had a life changing treatment at one point and it left a deep impression on her.

So in 2016 she made the decision to move to Toronto and study Chinese Medicine. It was a wild few years learning and unlearning various things she thought she knew leading up to school but in 2019 she graduated from Eight Branches Academy of Eastern Medicine with a Diploma of Acupuncture and Moxibustion. She currently combines her love for practicing and business knowledge by also teaching the Practice Management course at the school.

After starting to practice, and feeling there was a large gap between the language of Chinese Medicine and the western medical vocabulary, Jane enrolled in a Functional Medicine Certificate program, which is knowledge that is helpful and supportive of her acupuncture practice, and allows her to understand western medical labs and diagnoses in more depth. Particularly with treating fertility, which is a key piece of her therapeutic tool set, being able to understand what the family doctors, obstetricians, and fertility clinics are saying comes in handy.

Overlying the treatments Jane performs with clients is her passion for hearing the stories of people's lives. She has found that many people's stories, even going all the way back to childhood, contain roots of their disease patterns and clues about how they got to where they are seeking help today. She feels everyone has the capability and deserves the chance to make different choices to change their health and that with her guidance and acupuncture, almost anything is possible.

Jane also practices cosmetic acupuncture! Learn more here.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into your body's surface. A practiced acupuncturist causes little or no pain at all on insertion, because the needles are so fine and need to be inserted only a very minute amount. Also, the needles are solid (not hollow like hypodermic needles) and so they can bypass surface skin receptors. You may feel a slight pinch or a dull ache at some points, but the sensation should not be uncomfortable for more than a brief moment before the needle feels completely normal, and possibly even quite invigorating.

At Yellow Gazebo Natural Health Care, you are treated with only the best, sterilized needles, which are used just once and then are disposed of in accordance with the Clean Needle Technique (CNT).

Acupuncture can help reduce symptoms of almost any condition that does not require antibiotics or surgery.