Leisha believes that with the right support and care, anyone is able to not only regain health and vitality, but thrive. Through the use of acupuncture (both Traditional Chinese Medicine & Esoteric), gentle body work (tuina & craniosacral therapy), yoga, meditation and mindset work, Leisha helps your body, mind and soul fully relax as you are gently nudged into harmonious balance so that your body can do what it does best - heal itself. You'll leave feeling peaceful yet vibrant, empowered and with a strong connection to your centre, while being fully supported on your journey to wellness.

Leisha's wellness journey started 16 years ago when she tried yoga on a whim and fell in love. She quickly noticed a multitude of positive changes in her life such as an increased ability to focus, greater awareness and appreciation for her body and an overall happier, more energized disposition, which ultimately inspired her to become a yoga teacher so she could share these gifts with the world. Yoga opened up a whole new world for her, where she started learning about spirituality and Eastern healing traditions. Upon learning about Traditional Chinese Medicine, she quickly realized how much it resonated with her beliefs about the human body and its ability to heal itself under the right conditions. This, coupled with some transformational acupuncture treatments she received, inspired her to delve deeper into TCM, become an acupuncturist and help facilitate healing and joy in her community. She especially loves treating psychoemotional issues and the many physical problems they cause, but is perfectly happy treating other issues such as digestion, gynecology, pain and everything in between.

What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the insertion of fine needles into your body's surface. A practiced acupuncturist causes little or no pain at all on insertion, because the needles are so fine and need to be inserted only a very minute amount. Also, the needles are solid (not hollow like hypodermic needles) and so they can bypass surface skin receptors. You may feel a slight pinch or a dull ache at some points, but the sensation should not be uncomfortable for more than a brief moment before the needle feels completely normal, and possibly even quite invigorating.

At Yellow Gazebo Natural Health Care, you are treated with only the best, sterilized needles, which are used just once and then are disposed of in accordance with the Clean Needle Technique (CNT).

Acupuncture can help reduce symptoms of almost any condition that does not require antibiotics or surgery.