Billy aspires to deliver exceptional care through dedication, diligence and strong collaboration. An honours graduate of Centennial College’s Massage Therapy Program, he has gained valuable clinical experience in multiple settings such as the college’s student clinic and outreach programs. Specifically, providing treatment to a diverse range of clients including seniors, infants, oncology, dialysis, and palliative care patients, as well as those recovering from orthopedic injuries. This has ameliorated his quality of care in the treatment of the muscles, fascia and joints of the body to improve or achieve optimal physical health, function and mobility. Billy is well versed in Swedish massage, fascial and rhythmic techniques, trigger point therapy, remedial exercise, stretching techniques and hydrotherapy.

In the coming years, Billy plans to expand his scope of practice to include sports and rehabilitation techniques. This will enable him to better aid in the recovery process for people recovering from sports and occupational injuries.

Billy is visually impaired, a unique characteristic within the massage therapy industry that has given Billy the opportunity to hone his other senses including touch, which aids him in his practice.

What is registered massage therapy?

Registered massage therapy, a regulated health profession in Ontario, is generally taught in the method of Swedish massaging.  This technique involves long, smooth strokes, kneading, and other movements intent on causing relaxation of the muscles, accomplished by improving circulation to the muscles via the massage, thereby improving oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues.  While registered massage therapy helps treat injuries, illness and stress, it is also excellent for helping prevent illness and conditions before they develop.  Some reasons people seek the help of RMT's include: