Suzette De Jesus, registered massage therapist, graduated from Wellspring College of Massage Therapy in 2012. Suzette enjoys giving relaxation massages as well as hot stone, and deep tissue massage. Suzette also has a great deal of experience with prenatal massage, and is comfortable working with children. She has supplemental training in head and neck massage, acupressure, and hand-touch therapy.

Suzette moved to Toronto from the Philippines in 2007, working as a caregiver and nanny. Until going to school to become a registered massage therapist, she worked also as a support worker for the elderly. Suzette has always enjoyed pampering clients of all types, and feels a natural affinity for helping others.

What is registered massage therapy?

Registered massage therapy, a regulated health profession in Ontario, is generally taught in the method of Swedish massaging.  This technique involves long, smooth strokes, kneading, and other movements intent on causing relaxation of the muscles, accomplished by improving circulation to the muscles via the treatment, thereby improving oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues.  While this popular therapy helps treat injuries, illness and stress, it is also excellent for helping prevent illness and conditions before they develop.  Some reasons people seek the help of RMT's include: