Manual Osteopathy for Relieving Back Pain

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One of the distinguishing characteristics of Manual Osteopathy is its focus on whole body treatment, specifically on your musculo-skeletal system. Manual Osteopathy is a health care modality dedicated to conservative, non-surgical, and non-pharmacological treatments. Osteopath practitioners practice manipulation and joint mobilization to remove the cause of your pain or restriction.

For back pain in particular, manipulation of your spine and some soft tissue therapy on your back muscles to get them relaxed, along with myofascial release of back joints and muscles can be really effective for finding relief. However, before any treatment, your manual osteopath should be able to know what is the cause of your pain. Is it coming from your bone, muscle, joint, nerve, tendon, ligament, or any other soft tissue? To investigate the cause of your back pain, history taking from you the patient and some physical examinations are necessary. After knowing the precise cause of your back pain, your manual osteopath can start the treatment.

The treatment for your back pain might start with Osteopathic Manipulation Techniques (OMT), which are the most pleasant part of your appointment. OMT is hands-on manipulation for back muscles or other soft tissue in your back. The treatment also might include some pressure on the facet joints of your back, depending on your condition. With the help of OMT associated with some traction on your back, your muscles, joints, nerves and ligaments can be more relaxed and freed from stress, which can be really effective treatment for problems which are coming from those areas.

Apart from OMT, Joint Mobilization Techniques can give you better mobility in your spinal discs and can increase your range of motion in any direction.

Muscle Energy Techniques (MET) on your back, in addition to those techniques mentioned above, can help you to regain normal muscle tone. MET on your back muscles is usually performed by applying pressure against a muscle and releasing and stretching the same muscle. This is a really effective way to get rid of any nerve impingement due to high muscle tone.

Daily life-style changes can also relieve your back pain significantly. Consulting about your day-to-day activities can be helpful for your manual osteopath to figure out the exact problem and to give you the best recommendations for back-friendly changes. Recommending some light exercises, activity modification, ergonomic adjustments, nutritional changes and possibly weight loss can actually relieve your pain greatly. Some exercises for strengthening your back muscles to support your posture, or even using a therapeutic belt or proper backrest also can be really effective for postural changes.

You and your osteopath should take the appropriate amount of time and effort to get rid of your back pain. It will be worth it!

By Nazanin Eshghi Moghaddam, DOMP

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