What causes hair loss?

Most men suffer from the painful truth that hair loss is a possibility for many, and an inevitability for some.  The most common type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia (hair loss that is passed on genetically), and can occur quickly or gradually.  Women tend to have thinning hair after menopause, and occasionally beforehand due to hormonal imbalances.

Hair loss is usually caused by stress, sudden and dramatic weight loss, hormonal imbalance, fungus, vitamin deficiency, medication (such as antibiotics, chemotherapy, or birth control pills for women), or thyroid issues.  Note: if your hair loss is accompanied by symptoms such as fatigue, cold hands or feet, or dry skin and hair, it may be an indication of thyroid issues and you should contact your doctor for testing.

How can we treat hair loss?

As hormonal changes are often to blame for hair loss, many doctors will prescribe drugs that balance out these levels.  Natural therapies such as acupuncture and TCM can help balance hormone levels naturally, and you should consider diet modification such as lowering your fat intake. Consider reducing your stress with yoga and/or massage therapy, along with other lifestyle changes that may help.  For example, reduce the number of times per week that you wash your hair, as allowing the natural oils in your hair to replenish themselves can help prolong the life of your hair, and keep the hair that you have healthy and vital.

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