Female Fertility

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Fertility refers to your 'natural ability' to conceive. When you have trouble conceiving, your diagnosis is either primary infertility (you and your partner have been trying for at least one year to conceive) or secondary infertility (you and your partner have been pregnant at least once before but are now having issues). Fertility can be even be sub-divided into female fertility and male fertility.

For many people conceiving does not come 'naturally', and the result is a tremendous amount of stress and money spent, often with no results. Luckily, natural/complementary medicine can help you, at a fraction of what IVF or other remedies cost. Some of the ways that we can help include (believe it or not): acupuncture, chiropractic, holistic nutrition, naturopathic medicine, osteopathy, physiotherapy and even psychotherapy. Whatever your situation, there is still hope.

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