Male Fertility

male fertility st clair west torontoIs male fertility really an issue?

When a couple has trouble conceiving, it is often the woman's fertility that is looked at first.  In truth however, as a man you are equally responsible for improving your male fertility, and there are many ways to do so.  For example, being aware of your scrotal temperature is important: wearing tight underwear and/or riding a bicycle for extended periods of time can raise the temperature of your groin area and can adversely affect your sperm count.  Also, being overweight can affect your ability to conceive, but lacking the proper nutritional elements in your diet can also affect your sperm.

Is there a pill for male fertility?

Chances are probably good that someone out there is marketing such a pill, and they may even claim that it's natural.  And if your doctor says it's safe, then go ahead and take it, just add in with it some of the natural therapies we offer at Yellow Gazebo.  You'll be glad that you did!

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