hip pain st clair west torontoHip pain is very common, and its cause can be one of a variety of reasons. While trauma from a fall or collision is often the cause, any type of inflammation can cause pain in your hip. The inflammation can come in the form of any of the following:

In addition, hip pain can be indicative of more serious issues, such as osteonecrosis (degeneration of the hip bones due to restricted blood flow), or hip fracture. You should have tests performed by a doctor if you are having difficulty walking, see any deformity around the joint, notice the pain getting worse, see swelling or any other sign of possible infection.

Commonly, your doctor will prescribe pain medication, and probably tel you to rest, especially if the test do not show anything definitive. Massage therapy may also be suggested.

In addition to following your doctor's advice, consider natural medicine to help with your hip pain. For example, acupuncture or osteopathy can help lower your pain levels by a great deal. In addition, doing some physiotherapy or chiropractic care and a proper regimen of hip exercise will help reduce your pain a great deal. Ensure that whatever exercise routine you take on is one that is recommended by a qualified health care practitioner, especially where pain is concerned.

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