physiotherapy st clair toronto What is physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is the practice of improving your quality of life by promoting optimal mobility and overall health and well-being. It can also help to prevent illness and disease, manage acute and chronic conditions, and help you to rehabilitate from injury or the effects of disease or disability.  It can also help create for you maintenance plans that will prevent re-occurrence or re-injury. Physio has its basis in the movement sciences and aims to enhance or restore the function of your entire body.

How does a physiotherapist work?

After taking an initial health history with you, your physiotherapist will also likely assess you via some physical tests or measures, such as your range of motion or flexibility. Then, you will be provided with a reasonable diagnosis, and together you can explore the various treatment methods and thereby devise an appropriate plan for treatment.

During the course of your treatment, your physiotherapist may incorporate massage, joint mobilization, personalized exercise regimens, and any other number of modalities aimed at improving your healing time and enhancing your functional mobility. You will also likely be given advice in regards to lifestyle changes that you can make to facilitate your treatment, e.g. mitigating work or home stressors that contribute to your main complaints. While many physiotherapists prefer to use a variety of machines in their practice, we at Yellow Gazebo feel that hands-on treatment is not only more enjoyable for you, the patient, but is also more effective in producing lasting results.

What can physio treat?

You can be helped with any or all of the following:

How to prepare for your physiotherapy session:

Clothing: Please bring shorts to change into if you have a lower body concern, as this will help with your YG physiotherapist do a proper assessment. If you have an upper body concern, please bring a t-shirt or tank top (a sports bra would be fine too).

Scheduling: Arriving on time for your appointment will help ensure you're relaxed going in. Also, be prepared for a follow up visit or two, or more if your concern is more serious or has been around for a long time.

Homework: Be prepared to do some exercises at home. More than likely you're not going to want to come for physio with us 2 to 3 times a week for the foreseeable future, so the exercises at home will help you get better faster.


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*Please note that at this time Yellow Gazebo does not process WSIB or OHIP claims.


$135 Initial Session (45 minutes)
$100 Follow-up Session (30 minutes)