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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy was founded by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still, a physician and surgeon who lived in the United States in the late 1800's. Osteopathy can help you return to a degree of independence in your activities without using invasive methods such as surgery or drugs. Using osteopathic techniques such as joint mobilization, muscle energy techniques and assisted stretching, the range of motion in your joints can greatly increase. With this increase, you will likely experience restored functional ability and have less or no pain faster and more effectively. Osteopathy is hands-on therapy for a wide range of painful disorders and dysfunction or restriction with movements in your bones, joints, muscles, ligaments and nerves.

Osteopathy can help with:

During your initial visit, you can expect a friendly welcome along with the highest standards of healthcare, professionalism, and treatment tailored to suit your individual needs. Your first visit will begin with a detailed medical history followed by various assessments and physical examination related to your main concern. You may be asked to remove certain articles of clothing so that you can be checked for any bruising, edema, or inflammation. You may also be asked to perform a series of simple movements to allow your practitioner to investigate your particular signs and symptoms. You will not be required to have a referral from your family physician, although if there is any concern in your medical history and examination, you may be required to have further medical testing performed (e.g. x-rays, an MRI or blood tests). Some work such as that done in a follow-up session will likely be included.

Follow-up sessions will be focused more on hands-on treatment of your complaint. Your individual treatment plan may be a combination of soft tissue massage, gentle joint mobilization, manipulation, muscle stretching, cranial work, and even visceral mobilization. Along with your treatment you will likely be given recommendations for lifestyle modification, nutrition, exercise, stretching, and also postural advice to help the effectiveness of your treatment, to maintain its long-term effect, and to prevent further injury.

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$150 initial treatment (60 minutes)

$120 follow-up treatment (45 minutes)

$95 follow-up treatment (30 minutes)

$100 osteopathy laser treatment (30 minutes)

$125 osteopathy laser treatment (45 minutes)

$155 osteopathy laser treatment (60 minutes)

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