Laser Therapy

laser therapy st clair west torontoLaser therapy (also known as Cold Laser, Low Level Laser or Light Therapy) has been proven to help reduce pain quickly, accelerate healing, and is extremely safe and non-invasive.

At Yellow Gazebo we use a Class 4 Apollo Laser system, and you can receive this amazing therapy from one of our chiropractors (Corinne and Corinna), our physiotherapists (Alice and Yang) or our osteopath (Shahrzad).

Some of the conditions laser therapy might help include:

Laser therapy works by way of delivering light energy to injured cells in your body, which in turn helps them function normally again and repair the surrounding injured area. The energy is used by your cells to make food energy (work done in the mitochondria inside your cells), which are the miracle cell organelles that drive the biochemical processes of your cell known as cellular respiration. When damaged tissue (which in a basic sense is just a collection of cells needing more energy to replenish themselves) is repaired, the inflammation causing you pain can decrease.

The laser therapy also helps relax nerve pathways that get activated during the inflammation process. The inflammation occurs when you’re injured, as a means of protecting your body from further damage. Essentially inflammation is the gathering of many cells at the injured site to help swell the area for padding. Then it takes some time for the many cells to leave the area, and until this time you’ll continue to feel pain as the repair process is blocked by all of these extra cells in the way. This process evolved in humans tens of thousands of years ago, and is now an over-exaggeration of what we need, but until our bodies evolve further we're stuck with having to help speed up the process. And laser therapy does just that: it helps speed up the process of inflammation decreasing after injury so that your pain can disappear.