Our Chiropractic Team



  • Chiropractor – Dr. Anita Raghubir

    Doctor of Chiropractic Anita Raghubir, BSc DC dranita@yellowgazeboclinic.com Dr. Raghubir has always had a fascination with human biomechanics, attributed to growing up in a multitude of sports including figure skating, swimming, gymnastics, basketball, and volleyball. Combining this and her passion for helping others is what drove her to pursue a career as a chiropractor. Dr. Raghubir received her Bachelor of Continue Reading

  • Chiropractor – Dr. Corinna Lee

    Doctor of Chiropractic Corinna Lee, BSc DC drlee@yellowgazeboclinic.com Chiropractor Dr. Corinna Lee grew up in Richmond Hill, Ontario and has been very involved in athletics since a young age. She competed in both figure skating and dance, and also trained in gymnastics and swimming. Being under the care of a chiropractor, she was able to continue participating in the sports Continue Reading

  • Chiropractor – Dr. Corinne Brookhuis

    Doctor of Chiropractic Corinne Brookhuis, BSc DC drcorinne@yellowgazeboclinic.com Dr. Brookhuis’ passion for helping her patients return to their activities is rooted in her lifelong love of athletics. Born and raised in Toronto, she competed in a wide variety of competitive sports including softball and hockey. Through sports, Dr. Brookhuis developed the ability to get the most out of herself and Continue Reading