Low Libido

What is low libido?

Low libido is a reduction of, or the absence of sexual desire or sexual fantasy.  While it is difficult to measure a true 'reduction' in your sexual desire, it is reported among a large number of adults that at one time or another in their lives, they desire sex much less for an extended period of time.

This condition can be something you have experienced for your entire life, or may be something you experience temporarily.  And the reasons you may have a reduced libido could be psychological, physical, mental, a result of lifestyle, or a combination of all or some of these factors.  It is important to address this issue simply because it can greatly affect your level of happiness in life, and have a tremendous effect on your relationships.

Some of the potential causes or risk factors include:

Your doctor may be able to tell you which prescription drugs you are using that may be causing the issue, and he/she may also be able to prescribe some hormone replacement (such as estrogen, testosterone, or DHEA) to help balance any disproportions.  Be sure to ask your doctor and/or pharmacist about the potential side effects of hormone replacement therapy.

How can natural medicine treat low libido?

Quitting smoking and reducing the stress in your life may help.  In addition, diet modification such as adding zinc to your diet and losing weight can have tremendous effects.  Acupuncture and TCM can help balance your hormone levels and provide you with more energy, while yoga and massage therapy can help you relieve stress.

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