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    Give the gift of health! Pick up a gift card for that someone special who needs a little care. And note that our gift cards can even be mailed out at your convenience, or emailed digitally - at no extra charge!   Click to purchase gift cards through our booking system. OR Click to purchase gift cards through our Shopify store.

  • Shop YG Gift Boxes

    We've designed a few versions you could give a loved one, all with tasteful, well-designed products. And we've included some of our local artisans as well so that your loved ones can sample some of the great work coming out of St. Clair West.  

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    Do you love Yellow Gazebo? Well you're going to love our merchandise! From super-cool water bottles to trendy t-shirts, we've got something to go with your lifestyle. Take a look!  

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    We're making it easy for you to support the community: now our online store carries some amazing products from local artisans! 

  • Shop Massage Tools

    If you're anything like us, you just can't get enough massage therapy! Well, now you can order some Yellow Gazebo care right to your front door. Need some help making the most of your new massage tools? Just ask us - we're always happy to help! 

  • Shop Rehabilitation and Exercise

    After seeing one of our physiotherapists, chiropractors or other manual practitioners, spend a little bit of time at home using some of these products and you'll find your pain levels drop! Then keep up the exercise and stay pain-free.

  • Shop Relaxation

    Make the most of your time at home and give yourself some time to relax - you deserve it! Or give someone you care about something they can use to de-stress, and they'll be so grateful. Have a look at these great products. 

  • Shop Topical Wellness

    Sometimes you need that deeper, more penetrating care that only a topical cream can provide. Try some of these popular products and feel your YG care lasting longer than ever before. 

  • Shop Wellness Decor

    Wellness in your home! Yes, now you can make your home healthier too - these products are famous for encouraging better health and wellness. Now they can be yours!