Community Support

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Community Support

At Yellow Gazebo, our goal is to be the center for natural health care for everyone in our surrounding community. Sometimes this means discounting our treatment fees when we are able, and sometimes this means raising money to help a local organization in need. This organization might be a local seniors' residence, an organization that helps children, or even a larger community-based non-profit institution that survives on donations. Whatever the cause, we'll let you know about it when we can through social media, by posting about it in the clinic, and even mentioning it to you in person when appropriate. We're not shy about helping others!

So while we're working to help the local community, the truth is that we can't do it alone. This may mean that we simply ask you to come in for an extra massage because we're donating a percentage of sales, or it might mean we're asking you to sponsor your favourite therapist on a team run we're doing. Whatever way you can help is always great. It really does take a village, and the team at Yellow Gazebo thanks you for your continual support.

And lastly, if you're part of an organization that is looking for sponsorship or donations, please contact Richard (the owner and clinic director) directly at


What's Happening Now at Yellow Gazebo:


Truth and Reconciliation Week

As we get our kids comfortable in school this month, let us not forget about the children lost to residential schools in Canada and how at the end of the month we will be honoring their remembrance with a new statutory holiday.

To further honour these lost children, we will be recognizing the whole week of September 27th as Truth and Reconciliation Week, to help raise awareness. We will also be encouraging people like yourself to donate to Teach for Canada, a non-profit organization that works with northern First Nations to recruit, prepare, and support committed teachers. 

Teach for Canada really does great work for children, and is much deserving of your recognition and support. You can donate here.

Thank you, and we hope to see you the week of September 27th! 

Help Krave Coffee!

Krave needs your help! After finally re-opening having survived the pandemic, Krave Coffee suffered damage from a flood from upstairs and now... now an arsonist has all but destroyed the entire cafe along with their beautiful patio.

And while insurance will help with some re-building, it won't cover lost wages and some of the contents.

Please, please visit the GoFundMe page set up in their honour, and please give generously as they'll be closed at least 4-6 weeks now.

Thank you! Together we can help Krave recover from their 3rd (and hopefully last) disaster!


Ongoing Community Support at Yellow Gazebo:


The following lists are in no way exhaustive! Please, if you don't feel fully represented here, email Richard at and tell him how Yellow Gazebo could better represent your community/culture/etc. on our community page. We want to help you and appreciate your assistance in getting there!


Here are some links to charitable organizations in the St. Clair West area:

Humewood House

After Breast Cancer

The Beeton Cupboard

Bracondale House

Na Me Res

The Stop's Wychwood Open Door


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