Car Accident Injury

car accident injury rehab st clair west torontoHave you experienced a car accident injury?

We can help.

At Yellow Gazebo:

  • We are fully licensed to treat any type of car accident claim, whether or not you've already been seeking care for your injury.
  • Your forms are completed for you, and your insurance company is billed directly.
  • Each of your treatments are one-on-one with a registered therapist in a private room.

How do car accident claims work?

1. Talk to your insurance company and let them know that you've been in a car accident and what injuries you've sustained. They will create a claim number that we can use to begin your therapy.

2. Call us to book your first visit. If you've been given a doctor's referral for rehabilitation due to a car accident injury, you can begin treatment in any of the therapies listed below. If not, you'll need to first visit with either our chiropractor or our physiotherapist to initialize your treatment plan. And don't worry, one of these therapists is available at almost all times the clinic is open for business.

3. Come back for follow up treatments. No matter your injuries, we have a wide range of services that your insurance company will most likely be happy to cover. So focus on healing and getting the relaxation you need - we'll do the rest.

Some of the services we can offer that can help include:



Massage Therapy

Occupational Therapy CBT for Insomnia




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