Fibrocystic Breasts

What are fibrocystic breasts?

Fibrocystic breasts (also known as cyclic mastalgia) come from benign (non-cancerous) changes in the breast tissue resulting in lumpy, fibrous breasts.  Although this condition is not serious, it can be very painful and uncomfortable as your breasts can become tender and possibly quite itchy as well.

The causes of this condition are not fully understood, although it is widely believed to be related to changes in hormone levels.  Excess levels of estrogen and prolactin present during your menstrual cycle can cause cells to grow and multiply, and it is thought that they may cause breast cysts to become inflamed and enlarged.  The cysts are surrounded by fibrous tissue that can harden, thus creating the lumpiness in your breasts.  Other hormones such as TSH, insulin, and growth hormone may also be involved.

Although fibrocystic breasts are benign in nature, they do make it difficult to detect breast cancer, so be sure to see your doctor about any lumps in your breasts.

Once it is determined that the lumps in your breast are safe, your doctor will probably not prescribe much if any sort of treatment as your breasts will likely return to normal after menopause.

How can fibrocystic breasts be treated naturally?

As for promoting good breast health naturally, consider doing the following:

  • examine your breasts monthly and report any changes to your doctor
  • get acupuncture and TCM to help detoxify your body
  • lower your caffeine intake and saturated fats, plus other important diet modifications
  • exercise regularly, including yoga, as improving circulation can help detoxify the body
  • get massage therapy to help circulation and also lymphatic drainage

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