The Acuball at Yellow Gazebo

acuball st clair forest hill toronto

  • The ONLY HEATABLE self-massage ball on the market. Microwave for 60 sec. or boil for 12 min. to create 70 min. of deep soothing heat.
  • Dr. Oz featured the Acuball calling it an “Alternative Health Must have for Back & Neck Pain”.
  • Patented advanced engineering features were developed over 7 years of research and testing.Relieves muscle and joint pain 100% naturally using acupressure and heat.
  • Used by professional sports teams in NHL and NBA, used in hospitals and rehab clinics, and used by the National Ballet of Canada.
  • Simple to use. Portable. Usable anytime, anywhere 24/7 at home, office, gym, plane or car.
  • Hypo-allergenic and non-toxic.  Completely safe.
  • Improves computer using posture effortlessly – making user sit up straighter.
  • Comes with high quality educational materials – 190 page book and 60 minute DVD.
  • Empowers users to help themselves, saving them time and money.
  • Enhances value of any professional care received.   Feels AMAZING!

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