3 Tips on Finding the Right Massage Therapist

3 Tips on Finding the Right Massage Therapist

I’m not bragging (okay, yes I am!) but at Yellow Gazebo we currently have 14 different registered massage therapists on our massage therapy team. So you’ve got to think, don’t you: Yellow Gazebo must have the exactly the right type of massage therapist for you! And we probably do have someone to suit your individual needs, but how do you navigate through 14 different RMT’s? Trying each one out until you find the right fit sure sounds nice, but that’s rarely practical. Here are a few tips to help you find the right massage therapist for yourself or a loved one:

1. Set Goals. Yes, just like everything else in life, getting what you want or need is going to involve setting some goals for yourself, but at least this time it’s going to result in feeling better! Basically, you want to decide here if you just need to relieve stress or if there is some pain you’re concerned with treating. Plus, you may be athletic, sedentary or somewhere in between and these factors may also be important in your decision. Luckily at Yellow Gazebo, our RMT’s work alongside chiropractors, physiotherapists, acupuncturists and osteopaths, so we have a very large team of differing modalities from which we can all learn and grow.

2. Talk to an Expert. As the clinic owner (and noted braggart - see above!) I have had the pleasure of hiring and getting to know each and every one of our massage therapists. This plus my 16 years as an acupuncturist gives me a pretty good idea of what different therapists are good at, and how to best match them to patients. It’s not easy of course, which is why out of 14 RMT’s I’ll usually recommend 2 or 3 and let you choose based on their bio.

3. Do Your Own Research. On the Yellow Gazebo website you can read all about our individual RMT’s and can often get a better sense of who they are by reading about them. We also are very strict about not hiring anyone who has had disciplinary measures taken against them by their regulatory college, but if you’re looking at an RMT outside of Yellow Gazebo it’s always a good idea to check out their profile at https://registrants.cmto.com/webclient/registrantdirectory.aspx. Here you can just type in their first and last name and look at “additional details” and see if they’re currently under investigation or if they’ve previously had discipline for any reason.

If you’d like some more information on how to find the right massage therapist, would like to book a free consultation or would like to go ahead and schedule an appointment at Yellow Gazebo, please give us a call at 416-909-2334, email us at info@yellowgazeboclinic.com, or use the online booking link below. We’ll be happy to help you get on your way to optimum health.

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