Dealing With Stomach Pain Naturally

Dealing With Stomach Pain Naturally

The food industry MUST have ties with the pharmaceutical industry, as evidenced by the commercials for stomach medications that promptly follow ads for fast food and/or sugary foods. All conspiracy theory aside though, sometimes even eating cleanly can’t make those tummy aches go away. And that’s when natural medicine should come in.

NOTE: Occasional stomach concerns are normal and can be helped naturally with ease. However, persistent stomach issues that last more than a week warrant a visit to your doctor to rule out anything serious. If that’s you and your doctor has said there’s nothing they can do but prescribe medication, consider natural medicine in addition to this advice. There’s rarely a case where what we’re going to suggest will interfere with any pharmaceuticals you’re taking.

How can natural medicine help with stomach pain?

There are a few main ways stomach issues show up, namely via cramps, bloating, acid reflux, and diarrhea. Unexplained cramps, bloating and diarrhea can be caused by general dietary intolerances - for example you may be more sensitive to certain types of fruit or grain than others. A naturopathic doctor might suggest an elimination diet to help determine what these fruits or grains might be, and although an elimination diet can be a bit of a process, it can often be helpful. At YG our naturopath also can recommend (where necessary) certain types of food sensitivity tests that may also help point you in the right direction. Acupuncture (which can be performed by your naturopathic doctor or a registered TCM practitioner at Yellow Gazebo), can also be of great benefit when it comes to mitigating your cramps, bloating and diarrhea.

Acid reflux is something many of us deal with thinking there’s nothing that can be done, and we go for tests, take all kinds of medications, and so on and so on without much result. The truth, however, is this that dealing with stomach pain naturally in this case is often quite easy. Our stomachs release stomach acid into our esophagus when the sphincter (i.e. the muscle that opens and closes to let food into your stomach) does not close properly. For years this misunderstood mechanism has had doctors perplexed, but the truth often is simply that there are adhesions, i.e. tissues fibers created from stress or poor diet choices usually, adhering to our stomachs that, with tension, pull on the sphincter. When this happens, acid from your stomach can be allowed into your esophagus, creating the uncomfortable sensation you’re feeling with reflux (which is why taking an antacid won’t actually cure the problem and may instead just interfere with your overall digestion). Luckily, therapies such as osteopathy, acupuncture and even chiropractic medicine can help relieve you of these adhesions affecting your stomach.

If you’re interested in dealing with stomach pain naturally, schedule a free consult with us and we can review your history and symptoms to help you decide which of the above-mentioned therapies might best suit you. To schedule a free consult, email us at, or call us at 416-909-2334. If you’re sure you know what therapy is best for you, go ahead and schedule an appointment using the online booking link below. And remember, we’re interested in helping you feel better quickly, and naturally.

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