Female Fertility Problems

female fertility problems st clair torontoWhat are idiopathic female fertility problems?

Perhaps the most frustrating, the idiopathic or unknown cause affecting female fertility is oftentimes only reached after extensive testing and repeated feelings of failure. Luckily, natural medicine does not necessarily require a specific scientific reason for fertility issues. Pelvic floor physiotherapy, for example, can offer potential help as developing a healthy pelvic floor means better blood flow to the pelvis and even less painful sex as well if that's an issue. There are other treatment options available too, such as acupuncture and TCM, which takes a dynamic approach to the body and can help you regardless of the precise scientific reason for your infertility. Naturopathic medicine can offer suggestions for diet modification and supplementation, plus more. And chiropractic care can help improve nerve conduction to your reproductive organs. With the right natural medical approach, you might be well on your way to getting pregnant.

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