Quitting Smoking Program

quitting smoking st clair west toronto18 sessions in a 6 Week Program = $1,625 (a savings of $150)
The Quitting Smoking Program includes 6 psychotherapy sessions, 6 acupuncture* sessions, 3 naturopathic medicine sessions and 3 sessions of your choice.**

Quitting smoking is not easy. Many of us have gone through the process, and not all of us have had success. With the Yellow Gazebo Quitting Smoking Program, you will be part of a multifaceted approach that's virtually impossible not to succeed.

Psychotherapy will help you talk about the process and create a mental space to let go of the cigarettes. Acupuncture will help reduce your cravings and help with any side effects you might experience from withdrawal. Naturopathic medicine will help you choose a diet and/or supplement plan that will reduce your stress levels and make you feel more energetic, and the remaining three sessions of your choice can be used for something like osteopathy, which will help rid your body of the toxins it's grown so used to.

*To receive the discounted rate indicated above, the acupuncture would have to be performed by the clinic owner, Richard Lobbenberg. However, alternate arrangements for discount can still be made in order to see other YG acupuncturists, if preferred.

**Please note that our customizable programs can be modified to include the services you most desire.


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