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Rehabilitation services at Yellow Gazebo comprise a great portion of what we do. Whether you're seeking to heal from a motor vehicle accident injury or you've suffered injury or trauma from other means, we have the right atmosphere and the right therapists to help.

What's the first step in getting rehabilitation?

The first step in getting healing is to meet with one of our registered therapists. All of your appointments will be in private rooms, one-on-one with the same professional. You will never be asked to see a technician or someone less qualified than the optimal the field has to offer. Your first meeting can be a free, 15-minute consult, or it can be a full assessment, which usually takes about an hour depending on the extent of your needs.

What kind of progress can you expect?

Of course, your rehabilitation is very dependent on how severe your injuries are, and how long you've had them. The more severe the issue and the longer it's been present, the longer your treatment course will take. But rest assured, there are very few cases that cannot be helped, and at Yellow Gazebo we aim to get you back on your feet in as little time as possible. We want you well again!

Some of the service we offer for rehabilitation include:



Massage Therapy

Occupational Therapy CBT for Insomnia




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