Chiropractic After Pregnancy

chiropractic after pregnancy st clair torontoChiropractic After Pregnancy

After giving birth it's easy to get caught up in loving and caring for your new baby. But when the aches and pains from having carried the little one for 9 months and then the trauma from labour start to make themselves known, it's time to start thinking about getting healing. And if you haven't been getting chiropractic care before as well as during your pregnancy, then you might want to consider chiropractic after pregnancy.

Now that your baby is outside of you, your centre of gravity will change, your hormonal levels will change, your breasts will grow and feel different, and you'll be using your entire body in ways it has not been used for some time, if ever. And taking into consideration the fact that your body will still contain traces of the hormone relaxin for a year after giving birth, your ligaments and joints will not work the same way. This means that in addition to the strain the baby put on your back, pelvis, and hips during pregnancy and labour, you won't have the same strength or mobility you did before being pregnant.

The right chiropractic care can potentially help ease the pain and suffering you're feeling, while also helping to boost your immune system, something you'll want so you can be as strong as possible to help care for your baby!

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