3 Tips on Staying Emotionally Healthy While Quarantined

3 Tips on Staying Emotionally Healthy While Quarantined

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed right now, that’s perfectly normal! Like in much of the rest of the world, our St. Clair West community is looking at staying at home for most of the next little while. This means cutting off friends, family and even work colleagues. Stresses are many, and vary depending on each person’s situation, but you can be proactive to stay happy and feel like your life isn’t just on hold. Here a few tips to help keep things emotionally healthy:

1. Be Social. Okay, not in the sense you might have considered it to mean only a short time ago, but in practically every other aspect you can think of! The point here is to try and avoid falling down a Netflix binge-hole; that will only serve to make you feel down and disconnected. Remember, this quarantine isn’t a couple of days off from work, this is something most of us have never experienced before.

One of the things that can be really tough to overcome is the feeling of being alone, especially if you are spending most or all of your time by yourself. So try going on social media more and not just reading posts, but also making posts of your own, messaging people, commenting, and so on. Let this be a time of growth for you socially, expanding social networks that (albeit aren’t in person) still consist of real people. And think of some people you can reach out to who you haven’t talked to in a while - you’ll feel really good about it.

If you do have people with you during the quarantine, plan to get to be patient with them and even to get to know them in a slightly different light. Don’t expect this will save your marriage, but you might find a tool or two that will help you appreciate your partner a little better. And as for kids, well every parent knows that a little patience goes a long way.

2. Be Vigilant. Try to stick to a schedule that resembles one you follow normally, as strange as it might feel at first. This will help trick your mind into thinking nothing has changed all that much, and you’ll likely have more luck avoiding those dulling kinds of thoughts you get after streaming binges. Schedule in breakfast, lunch and dinner as you normally would, and make bedtime the usual time as well. Write it down if you have to, but do try and make a schedule of sorts. Sure, have fun with it and put some tv on there, sleep in sometimes and DEFINITELY goof off with your loved ones (even if that means over the internet if necessary). But try your best to be vigilant with a schedule; you’ll be glad you did.

3. Be Kind. Be kind to yourself, i.e. eat well (lots of veggies and limit that sugar intake), get some sun each day, and get a bit of exercise. But also regularly be kind to the world around you while quarantined; this will not only remind you that you’re not truly alone, it will even potentially help some other people. Search the internet for different charities and see if there’s any way you can help from home. Maybe you can write letters to elderly people who can’t take visitors right now, or maybe you can write letters to medical teams, grocery store workers, or anyone who will still be working no matter what happens. Remember: you have a lot of worth, and the world can use quite a bit of that right now.

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