Common Causes of TMJ Pain

Common Causes of TMJ Pain

It’s hard to maintain a smile when you have jaw pain. Getting to know some common causes of TMJ pain and how to treat the pain can go a long way to getting your smile back!

Your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your jaw to your skull. When there is damage to the joint (e.g. in the muscles or tendons that attach and move it, or to the nerves that run through it), it can lead to a pain syndrome called TMJ syndrome, or TMD (temporomandibular disorder). It is actually difficult to determine what causes TMJ syndrome that arises seemingly from nowhere, though many believe it has to do with the muscles or parts of the joint not working as well as they could.

Other more obvious causes of TMJ syndrome include injury to the jaw itself, and also damage to your neck can result in the same kind of pain. This would include trauma from car accidents, athletic injury, and so on. Other causes include:

- misalignment of your jaw or teeth
- grinding or clenching your teeth
- poor posture
- stress
- arthritis

The symptoms of TMJ syndrome can sometimes be extremely painful and can make eating difficult, which is why the syndrome is often very debilitating. Symptoms may include:

- pain when moving your jaw, and also potentially headaches as well as neck pain and ear pain
- popping, clicking or grinding noises
- limited range of motion in your jaw

How can natural medicine treat TMJ syndrome?

Natural approaches such as acupuncture can be very effective, as this therapy can work in a variety of ways, affecting your muscles, nerves, blood flow, and so on. Chiropractic care is excellent for achieving diagnosis, and then restoring proper alignment to your neck and upper spine. Physiotherapy can be effective in terms of achieving diagnosis too, and in obtaining a better balance in your upper body through manual manipulation and exercise. Massage therapy and osteopathy are also quite effective, as they can reduce stress while also helping your muscles to heal.

Now that you’ve made the right decision to check out Yellow Gazebo to treat your TMJ pain, try some other lifestyle changes until you’re completely pain free. These include:

- avoiding chewing gum
- eating softer foods
- avoiding clenching or tensing your jaw
- gently massaging your jaw with an essential oil such as lavender may help provide some relief

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