Featuring: Our Newest Massage Therapist!

Featuring: Our Newest Massage Therapist!

We’re happy to announce the addition of Siti (Sulma) Zahedi to our registered massage therapy team! This friendly therapist deeply believes in the body's inherent ability to heal. Sulma graduated with honours from Canadian College of Massage and Hydrotherapy (CCMH) in 2016. She is mindful to each client's unique set of needs and preferences, and carefully tailors her approach specific to the individual. Her experience teaching Pilates & as Aikido martial artist taught her the value of breathing and mind-body harmony to ease pain and stress.

She loves working with clients who struggle with chronic pain, muscular tensions, headaches, postural imbalances, and other soft-tissue problems. Her various modalities include deep tissue massage, relaxation massage, Swedish, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, lymphatic drainage, and stretching to promote tension and pain relief.

Being a mother, she empathizes with the physical and emotional stress women experience during pregnancy and motherhood. After spending time treating clients with Parkinson's, stroke, acquired brain injuries, pregnancy, and paraplegia she honed her ability to be sensitive to the person's & body's response.

Whether it's for relaxation or therapeutic, you'll find her beaming to welcome you. Sulma will strive to create a warm and relaxing environment to support you in your healing journey towards living without pain.

What happens during your massage?

Your massage will begin with a brief consultation that includes a discussion of your symptoms, medical history and lifestyle. Before he/she leaves the room, the massage therapist will direct you to undress (the majority of people keep their underwear on), and lie face-down under a sheet on a massage table. After an appropriate amount of time has passed, your massage therapist will knock on the door to see if you are ready. If you respond affirmatively, he/she will enter the room again and help in any way to make you more comfortable (adjust pillows, give you more sheets, etc.). Using a special massage lotion, your massage therapist will usually then begin to massage your back, and work down to your legs (if you are receiving a full body massage as opposed to focusing on a specific area). You may then be asked to turn over onto your back, at which time your massage therapist will massage your legs, arms, and possibly your abdomen. You will only be asked to uncover the area on which the massage therapist is working, and at no time will you be expected to receive massage to a degree that is painful or uncomfortable. After your massage is completed, your massage therapist will leave the room so that you can dress. It is advisable that you take your time getting up, as rising too quickly may cause some dizziness.

After a registered massage therapy treatment at Yellow Gazebo Natural Health Care, you should feel very relaxed and calm. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids to help flush your body after treatment, and follow the lifestyle advice given to you by your massage therapist.

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