How to Get The Most Out Of Chiropractic or Physiotherapy

How to Get The Most Out Of Chiropractic or Physiotherapy

To be fair, much of what is going to be said here can also apply to our other services, including massage therapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, and sometimes even online counselling or online naturopathic medicine. But we thought we’d single out chiropractic and physiotherapy simply because these two professions are a little unique from the others in that they are “primary care professions.” This means that in Ontario a chiropractor or physiotherapist can look at the pain you’re experiencing and give you a legal, definite diagnosis you can use when seeing the other professions available at Yellow Gazebo. Plus, not everything we’re putting down here can be applied to all professions except for chiropractic or physiotherapy at YG.

And so, here are some ideas how how you can maximize your time with us and get the most out of chiropractic or physiotherapy at Yellow Gazebo:

Clothing. Please bring shorts to change into if you have a lower body concern, as this will help with your YG physiotherapist do a proper assessment. If you have an upper body concern, please bring a t-shirt or tank top (a sports bra would be fine too).

Scheduling. Arriving on time for your appointment will help ensure that you're relaxed going in. Also, be prepared for a follow-up visit or two, or even more if your concern is more serious or has been around for a long time.

Pre-Homework. Be prepared with some questions and write them down so you don’t forget anything! And do try to AVOID finding a self-diagnosis on the internet - this will only confuse you when you get your REAL diagnosis and may interfere in your healing. Plus, be prepared to answer questions about your health history. You may even find yourself surprised at how thorough the questions can be and this is normal - your YG physiotherapist knows a great deal about how the human body works and putting together a diagnosis can be like assembling a puzzle with lots of pieces.

Post-Homework: Be prepared to do some exercises at home! More than likely you're not going to want to come for physio with us 2 to 3 times a week continually for the foreseeable future, so doing the exercises at home will help you get better faster and more efficiently.

If you’d like some more information on how we can help keep your brain young, would like to book a free consultation or would like to go ahead and schedule an appointment at Yellow Gazebo, please give us a call at 416-909-2334, email us at, or use the online booking link below. We’ll be happy to help you get on your way to optimum health.

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