Physiotherapy for Elbow Pain

Physiotherapy for Elbow Pain

Elbow pain usually refers to the inflammation of a tendon attaching to one of the two epicondyles (those bony protuberances on either side of your elbow). With your palms facing forward, the epicondyle on the inside is called your medial epicondyle, and the one on the outside is your lateral epicondyle. Inflammation on your medial epicondyle is often called “golfer’s elbow,” because of the nature of arm movement required to swing a golf club. And inflammation on the your lateral epicondyle is often called “tennis elbow,” not surprisingly from the action of swinging a tennis racket. Physiotherapy for elbow pain at YG will properly assess which type you suffer from, as well as any contributing factors that might help address your concerns and relieve your pain faster and with greater effect (to prevent the pain from coming back).

What causes elbow pain?

That pain in your elbow, whether on your medial or lateral epicondyle, is usually caused by overuse, eg in sports such as golf or tennis. But overuse can also occur in the workplace, at home or really anywhere, naturally.

Elbow pain can also be caused by arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, and even various types of sprains, strains or fractures. Much less commonly, elbow pain can be caused by other reasons, so be sure to get a proper diagnosis from a qualified physiotherapist.

What are the common symptoms of elbow pain?

Ruling out anything serious, the more common symptoms of elbow pain include pain when you lift or try to grab something, try to open a door, shake hands, or even sometimes just straightening your arm can hurt. You may also experience some numbness and tingling that can even travel down your arm and into your hand.

How does a physiotherapist treat elbow pain?

Physiotherapy for elbow pain will involve the right manipulations to your arm (and sometimes your shoulder and/or neck as well), to help bring more blood flow to your elbow and help relieve your elbow pain. And your physiotherapist will know the correct exercise(s) to give to you as homework to both make you feel better, and also to prevent the pain from coming back. How many treatments you’ll need to get better will depend on the severity of your condition, and your adherence to your physiotherapist-prescribed exercise schedule.

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