Physiotherapy For Knee Pain

Physiotherapy For Knee Pain

Physiotherapy for knee pain might just be the thing you need to get you functioning properly again. But what caused this issue in the first place? Knee pain can come from a variety of places - you might have injured your knee a long time ago and thought it was healed, but now the pain is creeping back again. Or maybe you did something at the gym the other day and your knee moved in a way it maybe shouldn’t have. Or maybe you’ve just got a little arthritis developing there that needs some attention. Whatever the reason, you’re likely due for some manual therapy like physiotherapy to help you heal.

What is Physiotherapy for Knee Pain?

Physiotherapy is the practice of improving your quality of life by promoting optimal mobility and overall health and well-being. This means that physiotherapy for knee pain at Yellow Gazebo will likely involve hands-on therapy (we don’t like using too many machines if we can avoid it), targeted at getting the muscles around your knee joint to lengthen where needed. You may also be taught some exercises to do at home (that’s right, we’re not going to waste your time watching you exercise if we believe you can do the same thing in-clinic in the comfort of your living room). This is because while some muscles need to be lengthened (think “stretched”), some muscles need to be made stronger (think “shortened”), aka “balanced.” What this all boils down to is balance - if you don’t need surgery to correct what’s causing your knee pain, ie you don’t have some kind of irreversible tear in some knee tissue, then you likely need to create balance through muscular balancing.

And if knee surgery is the best option for you, then go for it! We can help you prepare for, and then heal from your surgery in the most efficient way possible: through one-on-one care with a physiotherapist who is going to target your individual needs and make sure that you get stronger after surgery to make the most of the productive, happy life you’re going to continue to lead. And do make sure to see a physiotherapist before and after surgery - this will put you in the optimal state for surgery and help shorten your healing time as well!


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