Physiotherapy for Neck Pain

Physiotherapy for Neck Pain

While no pain is ever fun, neck pain is definitely one of the worst because when it’s bad enough we can’t drive, pick things up, talk on the phone…. The list could go on forever! Luckily though, neck pain is something that can be treated, and with a physiotherapist from Yellow Gazebo can even be something that doesn’t come back (if you do the prescribed exercises regularly!)  

What are the common causes of neck pain?

Generally speaking, if your neck is sore it’s because of something that you know happened, such as an accident of some kind. The actual physiology behind the pain, however, is likely a nerve that is pinched, a vertebral disc that’s degenerated, or arthritis. Less commonly, neck pain is caused by a viral infection or something more serious, but this is rare.

What are the common symptoms of neck pain?

With a usual type of neck pain, you might feel pain spreading to the base of your skull, and/or into one or both of your shoulders. In more severe cases, the pain can spread down one or both of your arms as well, and may include some numbness and tingling. In this case you may want to consult a doctor to have them schedule an MRI to make sure there’s no significant damage to any nerves in your neck.

Neck pain may also be associated with headaches, facial pain, or pain in your back. You may also commonly experience a limited range of movement, or even dizziness.

What is physiotherapy for neck pain at Yellow Gazebo?

Your physiotherapist at Yellow Gazebo is well trained and experienced in treating neck pain, and will diagnose you carefully and then treat you safely and efficiently. You can be self-assured knowing that our physiotherapists will assess both your pain and your movement restrictions, and use gentle manipulation techniques as well as other forms of treatment to get you moving properly again. In addition, you’ll be given exercises to do at home that will assist you in getting better faster, plus keep the pain at bay. Which, in the end, is the best news of all!

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