Treating Sinus Pain

Treating Sinus Pain

Sinus pain can occur from any of the four types of sinusitis: acute, chronic, chronic recurrent and allergic. Sinus problems can cause headaches and facial pain. Our goal at Yellow Gazebo is to help you find the right treatment for you by educating you on the different options available to treat sinus pain.

Your sinuses are air-filled spaces in your nasal passages and can become blocked or swollen, causing pain. This can occur if you get a cold and your nasal membranes swell up. Your symptoms might include: facial pain that feels deep in the bones; pain when extending the forehead downward to touch the chin (referred to as the ‘bishop’s bow’); pressure in your head that feels like it comes from behind your nose; pressure in the ears which often becomes more severe when lying down and improves when sitting upright; sore throat, cough and difficulty breathing; bad breath with thick (yellow) phlegm.

You may be suffering from the unpleasant symptoms of sinusitis: congestion, pressure, pain and headaches. There are a number of treatments that can alleviate these symptoms and help you to get back to your normal activities.

Chiropractic, massage therapy and acupuncture can be incredibly effective for treating sinus pain. Your YG healthcare provider can instruct you on how best to use these modalities, as well as advising you on other therapies such as osteopathy, physiotherapy and naturopathic medicine. It's important to get into the habit of taking care of yourself once you reach maximum wellness - the best way to prevent recurrence of sinus problems is by practicing good self-care.

For many people, a sinus infection is just something they live with. However, anyone suffering from sinusitis may feel miserable and in pain, and need to stay alert to all of their symptoms. If you suffer from this problem, then rest assured there are plenty of safe and effective treatments available for you to try out.

Our manual therapies at YG (ie chiropractic, physiotherapy, acupuncture, massage and osteopathy) are a good place to start with sinus pain - getting some relief from the inflammation in your sinuses can get your breathing improved and can help get you feeling normal again. And then naturopathic medicine or even counselling can look at some of the ways you might be able to change your diet or lifestyle to prevent the sinus pain from returning.

Sinus pain can be treated with the help of various alternative medicine disciplines and methods. While the effectiveness of one therapy may differ from another, there are many options to consider that may help relieve your sinus pain.

Get better and feel better now with the most effective treatment for sinus pain. Our team of specialists will treat you with gentle, safe, non-drug therapy that addresses the root cause of your problem.

If you’d like some more information on how we can help treat your sinus pain, would like to book a free consultation, or would like to go ahead and schedule an appointment at Yellow Gazebo, please give us a call at 416-909-2334, email us at, or use the online booking link below. We’ll be happy to help you get on your way to optimum health.

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