Irregular Menstruation and Fertility

What is irregular menstruation?

Irregular menstruation is defined as any menstrual cycle which takes more than 36 days, or less than 21 days. Longer periods are often caused by a lack of ovulation, whereas shorter periods are often the result of a problem with the luteal phase of your ovulation and low progesterone levels.

Possible causes of irregular menstrual cycle include:

How can natural medicine help with irregular menstruation?

Your medical doctor may prescribe drug therapy such as birth control pills, but obviously this eliminates the ability to conceive.  Starting with keeping track of your cycles carefully, and possibly also taking your basal body temperature (contact us for info on how to chart your basal body temperature), consider visiting Yellow Gazebo Natural Heath Care.  Diet modification and acupuncture and TCM can help regulate your hormones and get you back on track to a regular period, while  massage therapy can help you relax and get your mind and body connected for optimum health. Pelvic floor physiotherapy and chiropractic care for pregnancy might separately or together help bring balance to your reproductive system.

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