Constipation and Hemorrhoids During Pregnancy

What is the relationship between constipation, hemorrhoids, and pregnancy?

When you are pregnant, the baby often sits right on your large intestine, making it difficult for stool to move properly.  In addition, your progesterone levels rise during pregnancy as a means of slowing the movement of stool, to allow maximum absorption of nutrients. Thirdly, your doctor may prescribe iron supplements for anemia.  All of the above can cause uncomfortable constipation, which can sometimes lead to annoying, itchy, painful hemorrhoids.

Your doctor will likely prescribe stool a stool softener for the constipation (one that you can safely take while pregnant), and a cream or ointment for the hemorrhoids.  In addition, drink plenty of fluids and eat a healthy diet with plenty of fiber.  One of our nutritionists can recommend other ideas and supplements as well.  In addition, yoga  is excellent for loosening stool, as well as making you feel healthier in general.  Acupuncture and TCM can also help get things moving, as can massage therapy.

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