Virtual Chiropractic Care

virtual chiropractic st clair torontoWhat is Virtual Chiropractic Care?

In a virtual chiropractic session, you'll be able to connect to your practitioner using an easy-to-use, fully protected telemedicine system that's accessible on a phone, tablet or computer. Your chiropractor will ask you questions, and from this information will determine whether or not virtual medicine is appropriate for your needs, or if they think you need an in-person session. If an in-person session is required, the appropriate steps to ensure your safety will be taken and you will only be charged for the in-person session.

With virtual chiropractic, if applicable your Yellow Gazebo chiropractor will offer a diagnosis and recommend the appropriate exercises and/or lifestyle changes to aid you in your recovery. The beauty of virtual medicine is that exercise programs and extensive information can be shared accurately and immediately when needed.


At the moment we are offering the following hours for virtual chiropractic care:

Monday: 9am-1pm
Tuesday: 3pm-8pm
Wednesday: 2pm-8pm
Thursday: 3pm-8pm
Friday: 2pm-8pm
Saturday: 9am-1:30pm

To book your session, simply click on our online booking link below.

Once you've booked, you will automatically receive instructions on how to use the telemedicine system.


While most insurance companies accept claims for virtual chiropractic care, we nonetheless recommend that you contact your insurance company before booking your session.

Regarding payment for services, we can still attempt direct billing for you if you have provided the information to us previously or at the time of booking your appointment. Any remaining monies owed (including monies for claims that your insurance company decides they will not process) will just be charged with the credit card used to book your appointment online.

What can virtual chiropractic potentially treat?

You can potentially be helped with any or all of the following:

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$100 Initial Session (45 minutes)
$75 Follow-up Session (30 minutes)