Sleep Program

sleep program st clair toronto8 Sessions in an 8 Week Program = $849 (a 15% savings)
The Sleep Program includes 5 sessions of occupational therapy, and 3 sessions of naturopathic medicine.*

Sleep trouble? You’re not alone! 30% of Canadians struggle with insomnia at some point, and we have a program with a proven track record for success.

Judith Mendoza (occupational therapist) and Olja Keserovic (naturopathic doctor) have designed a special sleep program using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) and naturopathic strategies for re-balancing your stress levels.

You can break the downward spiral of insomnia, and we can help!

*Please note that our customizable programs can be modified to include the services you most desire.


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