Stress Management Program

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20 Sessions in a 16 Week Program = $1,905 (a savings of $150)
The Stress Management Program includes 8 psychotherapy sessions, 6 acupuncture* sessions, 3 naturopathic medicine sessions, and 3 sessions of your choice.**

Let's face it: life just isn't built the way we need it to be built! Who needs all this stress?! Well, here at Yellow Gazebo we can't take the stress away, but we can certainly help you manage it in a way that can bring you more happiness. Learn some great methods for dealing with stress with psychotherapy, get your energy balanced with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and get some holistic nutritional advice so that you can get all your bases covered.  Then top things up with your electives by trying something like manual osteopathy, which can be very relaxing and help you feel more prepared to take on the world.

*To receive the discounted rate indicated above, the acupuncture would have to be performed by the clinic owner, Richard Lobbenberg. However, alternate arrangements for discount can still be made in order to see other YG acupuncturists, if preferred.

**Please note that our customizable programs can be modified to include the services you most desire.


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