Virtual Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

virtual pelvic floor physiotherapy torontoWhat is Virtual Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy?

In a virtual pelvic floor physiotherapy session, you'll be able to connect to your practitioner using an easy-to-use, fully protected telemedicine system that's accessible on a phone, tablet or computer. Your pelvic floor physiotherapist will ask you questions, and from this information will determine whether or not virtual medicine is appropriate for your needs, and what their diagnosis is for your condition.

From this point, if applicable your Yellow Gazebo pelvic floor physiotherapist will recommend the appropriate exercises and/or lifestyle changes to aid you in your recovery. The beauty of virtual medicine is that exercise programs and extensive information can be shared accurately and immediately when needed.


At the moment we are offering hours Monday through Friday from 9am to 9pm.

To book your session, simply click on our online booking link below.

Once you've booked, you will automatically receive instructions on how to use the telemedicine system.


While most insurance companies accept claims for virtual pelvic floor physiotherapy, we nonetheless recommend that you contact your insurance company before booking your session.

Regarding payment for services, we can still attempt direct billing for you if you have provided the information to us previously or at the time of booking your appointment. Any remaining monies owed (including monies for claims that your insurance company decides they will not process) will just be charged with the credit card used to book your appointment online.

What is Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy?

Many women suffer from pelvic health issues that they are told cannot be resolved. Luckily for the average woman, that is no longer true! And if you've found us then it looks like you're on the right track to better pelvic health.

While many people are told to do Kegel exercises to help with incontinence, pelvic pain or other issues related to your pelvic floor (see below), they are in fact not always the correct prescribed exercise. In fact, strengthening an already tight pelvic floor can actually make things worse - this is why working with someone trained in pelvic floor physiotherapy is so essential.

Weak pelvic floor muscles can be diagnosed by your physiotherapist trained in this specialization. Such issues with weak pelvic floors include:

  • stress incontinence
  • urge incontinence
  • pelvic organ prolapse

Issues related to an overly tight pelvic floor include:

  • urinary and fecal urgency
  • urge incontinence
  • chronic pelvic pain
  • pain with intercourse
  • vaginismus

Good pelvic floor health can also help prepare you for pregnancy, help you stay healthy and comfortable during pregnancy, and can help you after giving birth as well.

What Does a Virtual Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Session Entail?

After filling out the proper form to register you as a patient, you'll meet online with either Amy Gildner or Nancy Lu, our pelvic floor physiotherapists. They will discuss with you the information you've provided, and will ask any pertinent questions that might help her develop the right plan to suggest. The treatment plan may involve exercise instruction and other advice to help you modify your lifestyle in order to help with your concerns. 
Meet Amy Gildner and Nancy Lu, our pelvic floor physiotherapists.


$100 Initial Session (45 minutes)
$85 Follow-up Session (30 minutes)