5 Surprising Ways to Manage High Blood Pressure Naturally

5 Surprising Ways to Manage High Blood Pressure Naturally

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with high blood pressure, you may be slowly wading into the (almost literal) ocean of information out there about how to best care for yourself now. Well, after taking your doctor’s recommendations about medication, you might want to check out these often overlooked ways to manage high blood pressure naturally.

1. Accepting the Diagnosis. Believe it or not, sometimes the hardest part of managing high blood pressure is first accepting what the doctor tells you. Many people with high blood pressure don’t have any symptoms, and they may not accept the diagnosis for some time. But once they do accept it, the next steps usually fall into place pretty quickly and managing changes in blood pressure becomes easier.

2. Natural Medicine. Well, this goes without saying on a blog for a wellness clinic! Acupuncture can help moderate blood pressure levels by working on multiple body systems at the same time. Also, in addition to stress physical pain has been shown to raise blood pressure levels, which means that other services we offer at YG can help too. These include chiropractic, physiotherapy, massage therapy and osteopathy.

3. Connect With Friends. Studies show that those people with fewer friendly connections tend to have higher blood pressure levels. Even if you’re not the outgoing type, make an effort to connect; these days there are more ways than ever to join internet chat rooms, plus all sorts of groups that can help you meet people all over the world with similar interests as your own. Need someone to talk to on a more professional level to get you going? Talk to a YG counsellor who will listen to your needs and maybe give you the guidance you need.

4. Watch Your Fish. Fresh fish is notoriously healthy of course (providing you’re avoiding those species high in mercury), but many frozen varieties have higher levels of sodium added for flavour. As with any packaged foods, be sure to read those labels!

5. Get Your Sleep Tested. People with sleep apnea tend to have higher blood pressure levels, due to the repeated interruptions in sleep that cause your nervous system to release chemicals that raise blood pressure. Plus, because you’re getting less oxygen when you have sleep apnea, this means your blood vessel walls can become damaged and thus increase the likelihood of you having issues with blood pressure regulation.

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