How To Heal From a Pinched Nerve

How To Heal From a Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve is caused by compression of tissue around the nerve (the tissue usually being mostly muscle) that damages the nerve and sends pain signals to the brain. Because the nerve is damaged from the compression, you can sometimes feel the pain radiating away from the source, as well as some strange sensations such as numbness, tingling, and even a burning feeling, or muscle weakness. Such compression can arise from repetitive motions, keeping your body in one position for a long period of time, such as sleeping on a bent elbow, or inflammation from a variety of different sources. Pinched nerves can occur anywhere in your body, but are most common in your neck, back, elbows and wrists. Finding out how to heal from a pinched nerve can really make life better for you if it’s something you experience every so often.

You’re more at risk for suffering from a pinched nerve if you:

  1. Have poor posture. We all have habits that developed through excessive tool use (e.g. computers, phones, cooking tools, etc.) or because of genetics or other factors, but having poor posture can predispose you to pinched nerves in various parts of your body.
  2. Have arthritis. Inflammation caused by arthritis will limit the space for nerves to pass through, making you more prone to pinched nerves.
  3. Repeatedly use a joint. Issues like carpal tunnel syndrome that again, inhibit the amount of space a nerve can pass through, can pinch a nerve passing through that given space.
  4. Are pregnant. The excess water you take on when you’re pregnant can swell nerve pathways.
  5. Have diabetes. Unfortunately, diabetes causes issues with nerves and can put you at higher risk of nerve compression.

What can you do to heal from a pinched nerve?

Well, once the nerve has been pinched/damaged there’s not much you can do on your own other than basic muscle health tips, i.e. drinking lots of fluids and putting some heat on it. Preventing the nerve compression in the first place is obviously your best bet, so see one of our physiotherapists at Yellow Gazebo for the right postural exercises and other types of pain prevention tips you can do to keep the compression away.

Your physiotherapist can also do some work on your muscles to allow blood to flow into the compressed space and enable tissues (and ultimately nerves) to heal. The same work can be done by one of our osteopaths or massage therapists, and (via needles) one of our acupuncturists as well. A chiropractor at Yellow Gazebo would also be an ideal person to see if you want to heal from a pinched nerve, because they will work on your soft tissue but also do some realignment of your spine where needed. As this is where your nerves emanate from, this can go a long way to get you the healing you need.

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